Economic Benefits
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Camp Hope Run Economic Benefits


The Landfill will employ approximately 20 full-time employees with an estimated annual payroll of at least $712,000.  Over the 21 year operation life expectancy the gross income of landfill employees will exceed $15,000,000 with appropriate wage taxes flowing to Boggs Township, the Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Between 15 and 30 full time and seasonal, tax paying, employment opportunities will be available for work related to the construction of the landfill, support facilities, closure, and post-closure periods.  Over the life of the facility these activities will inject approximately $31,500,000 payroll dollars into the local communities and regional economy of the area.

Tax Revenue

With the operating landfill, annual property taxes are estimated to increase to $255,000, broken down as follows: $187,000 for the Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District, $54,000 for Clearfield County, and $14,000 for Boggs Township.  Over the 21 year operating life of the landfill this would be $5,355,000 of tax revenue.

Boggs Township Host Agreement

Pursuant to the Host Agreement made with Boggs Township, PA Waste will pay a host fee to Boggs Township of $2.00 per ton for all tonnage delivered to the landfill.  Based on the estimated 27,000,000 ton capacity of the landfill, host fees to Boggs Township will total approximately $54,000,000 over the 21 year operating life of the facility.  These funds are for the sole and exclusive use of Boggs Township and can be used for any purpose, including public works projects, reducing existing tax burdens on residents, parks and recreation facilities, etc.

Act 101 Recycling Fees

The landfill will pay a $2.00 per ton recycling fee to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in accordance with Act 101.  These fees are to be used in the community to fund municipal recycling, county waste management planning, environmental improvement projects or public infrastructure projects.  The estimated total for these fees is $54,000,000.

Environmental Stewardship Fees

Also, in accordance with Act 101, the landfill will pay a $0.25 per ton Environmental Stewardship Fee to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania resulting in an estimated $6,750,000 to support public infrastructure, protect farmland, fund the county conservation district, repair state parks and forests, improve water quality, and to fund waste water treatment projects.

Growing Greener Fees

Pursuant to the Growing Greener legislation passed in 2002, the landfill will pay $4.00 per ton to the Environmental Stewardship Fund of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which is estimated to be $108,500,000 over the operating life of the landfill.  This money can be used locally in the community to fund public infrastructure projects or environmental improvement projects.

Supplies and Services

It is estmated that the Landfill and its contractors will purchase goods, services, and supplies from local and regional companies in the average amount of $4,500,000 per year.  Over the 21 year operating life of the landfill these expenditures in the region and local economy are expected to be at least $94,500,000.

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