Camp Hope Run Landfill

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Economic Benefits

About the Camp Hope Run Landfill Project

On July 3, 2017, PA Waste, LLC (referred to as “PA Waste”) submitted it’s Phase I application to begin the approval process to obtain a new municipal solid waste landfill permit to construct and operate the municipal waste landfill commonly referred to as the Camp Hope Run Landfill in Boggs Township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.  PA Waste is a Bucks County Pennsylvania limited liability company headed by former State Senator Robert Rovner and notably experienced landfill developer/operator Ramsey Dilibero who is also a member of the Environmental Industries Hall of Fame in recognition of his 30 years of service to the waste management and landfill industry.

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Camp Hope Run Landfill Positive Economic Impact ($369,605,000)

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General Development and Construction

The proposed landfill will contain about 217 acres of lined waste disposal area. The disposal area will be partially situated within a reclaimed, previously surface coal mined area. The previously mined areas will be used as part of the landfill waste disposal area as well as support areas for the landfill. Based on groundwater and surface water monitoring, these previously mined areas are creating surface and groundwater degradation as a result of the acidic overburden rock. The proposed Camp Hope Run Landfill has been designed to collect, treat, mitigate, and eliminate existing acid drainage discharges.

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